Welcome - Some of the interests and purpose of this blog have changed since the beginning a few years ago. Much like people grow and change, so has this blog.

With my interest in transcribing historical handwritten documents; some I have shared with you, I am also finding an interest in rare vintage out -of-print books. Many of the books I come across are signed by the author or the book was in the collection of someone who was important to the history of the United States. There will be books about the Civil War, Revolutionary War, travels, biographies, diaries, journals, etc. To bring the subject or author to life, I will make an effort to include additional information about the book that will be for sale. I will use my genealogy, researching and handwriting skills to authenticate signatures as much as possible.

Transcribing historical diaries, journals and documents will always be available to those needing this service. So please send me and email and we can discuss your project.

I hope you enjoy the new approach to this blog and if you see a book that you would dearly love to be a part of your library collection or as a gift for that special person you know, please contact me at Payment for books purchased will be via Paypal invoicing.

Thank you and please enjoy this new adventure with me.