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I am pretty impressed with the lady in Wisconsin. Those teeth were removed pre Novocaine. Then she was back doing the washing and cleaning the next day.

The Traveling Genealogist

Yes, she was a hearty soul. I'm feel as though I'm really getting to know her and what life was like in Berlin, WS in 1873. She accounted for every penny she spent and on what. Afternoon tea was a regular activity.

Thanks for your comment.

Kelly Collins

I have my grandmother's journals from 1950-2005. They are fascinating. She also started every day with a weather report! While some of the entries are about daily, menial tasks, some shed light on family dynamics, some make me cry and some make me laugh. I love that I feel like I have her back again, if only for a moment. I've been thinking about transcribing them. It would be tough but I think it would be a labor of love.

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